06. 29.17
I thoroughly enjoyed my summer evening with this beautiful and busy family. I was hoping to be able to capture the essence of growing up with brothers as well as the admirable juggling act of parenting three boys... and getting them to cooperate for a photo session! I am so happy with the way these moments turned out! When preparing for your own family session, be ready for tickling, tackling, snuggling, giggling, crying, more snuggling, and don't forget the snacks! These boys were so much fun and I was happy to keep my shutter going through all the fun and less than fun moments of our time together, because this is life! This is what makes up your family story.
Some of my favourite images from this session are of Mom + Dad. It's so rare to get photos as a couple once we become parents (My last good photos of my husband and I are from our wedding!) and I think this is soooo important! Jill and Jevon were so great to photograph and were very patient as I lugged my step ladder around to get up to their level:)
Here's a collection of some of my favourites from this session. Thank you Jill and Jevon, for trusting me to capture these fleeting moments for you and your boys. xo
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