I'm Sarah.
It is so nice to meet you.

 I am a natural light lifestyle + family photographer who also happens to be a wife, mom, and grade 1 teacher living in Estevan, Saskatchewan. I'm a bit of a multi-tasker...

Amid the piles of laundry, endless requests for something to eat, and sweet cuddly bedtime snuggles, becoming a mother has taught me that time passes so quickly during the long days and short years of raising a family. My passion for photography has grown with my children. I love the way it has helped me to slow down, appreciate and find the beauty in the messy, joyful, and imperfect every day moments that make up our life as a family. 

I want to remember the way he sticks out his tongue when he's concentrating, hugs just a little too enthusiastically and would happily run around all day [every day] in his pajamas.
I want to remember the way she puckers her adorable lips for kisses, carries around as many stuffed puppies as her little arms can carry, and is forever styling her hair with mushed up banana.
Chubby fingers covered in dirt, outstretched arms waiting to be scooped up, loving glances, toddler pouts, piggyback rides, and just being together---

These are the kinds of moments that I want to capture for my own family, and these are the kinds of moments that I want to capture for yours

I specialize in natural light, on location lifestyle photography. I want to give you a beautiful piece of your every day--- a real, unposed memory of the way you are right now-- that you can share, look back on, and hold onto as those long days and short years of raising your family march steadily on.
Interested? Let's connect!
I would love to tell your story...
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